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Dr Ben Burton is a family practice primary care physician who is also a board certified in osteopathic manipulation. He believes in utilizing and integrating all forms of medicine so you get the highest quality care with the best results. Osteopathic manipulation will be integrated into your care to help your body heal. 

Primary Care

Dr Ben Burton will study your health history, current symptoms and diagnoses, coordinate your care with specialists, order testing and imaging and formulate a plan collaboratively with you.

Serving people 12 years and older

Wellness Exams

Chronic Illness Care 

Acute Illness

Injury Care

Sports/School Physicals



Osteopathic Manipulation Treatment

The goal of Osteopathic Manipulation Treatment (OMT) is to restore healthy motion to the body. Dr. Burton uses his hands to apply gentle force to the joints and soft tissues in a therapeutic way.   OMT is one of the primary tools used by physicians who specialize in Osteopathic Manual Medicine. 


Healthcare Advocacy 

Coming Soon!

Let's Work Together

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