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Our Services

At Teitoa Health, we are your trusted partners in health. We are dedicated to providing quality care by offering the highest level of service. 

Initial Exam and Intake 

To establish as a new patient we start with an initial exam and deep dive into your medical history. This is a visit where Dr Burton and our team gather all the information to lay the ground work and start the first steps of our journey together. 

In Clinic follow up Exams

Follow up in person exams as needed when new concerns come up or new changes. 

Patient Advocacy Coaching

This service will be available soon!

We are passionate about patient advocacy at Teitoa Health. We want to coach people on how to navigate the healthcare system and get the care they deserve. If you are feeling stuck, frustrated, or confused with your healthcare or with the healthcare of your family member this a great place to start. Melanie Burton will be your coach. This is not health advice rather it is a call to talk about your situation and discuss ideas on how to proceed.



Follow up visits done from the comfort of your home. Not all follow up visits can be done via telemedicine but many can. If you are unsure reach out and we will be happy to help/

Osteopathic Manipulation

If you know... you know. 

If you are unfamiliar with osteopathic manipulation consider reading this brief article on the topic to learn more. 

This can be a very effective treatment for a number of complaints. These visits will be focused on performing the therapy.



Dr Burton is a wonderful doctor, one of the best I've known. He takes his time to really listen to his patients and do the research to get to the root of the problem. He is kind and obviously truly cares about his patients. He's more concerned about figuring out the problem and fixing it rather than just patching it with some medicationand moving on. He cares about the whole person, not just what brought you in.


What Our Clients Say

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